"A successful tribute artist should be a lookalike, a soundalike and take on the mannerisms of the performer
they are attempting to clone and Andy Nolan has all of these attributes in full measure, pulling off his
impersonation of Ronan Keating with consummate ease.
"This successful performance must surely mean that Nolan is the current market-leader in this part of the
tribute market."
Mark Ritchie - The Stage

"...after my last viewing of Andy Nolan, as Ronan Keating, I mentioned the fully rounded quality
of this particular tribute and on this latest viewing I can only echo my earlier sentiments on the real
quality of Nolan and his chosen tribute."
Mark Ritchie - The Stage

"...one of the best voices on the showcase"
Peter Hepple - The Stage

"Likewise, Andy Nolan should do very well with his tribute to Ronan Keating. This has to be one of the most
convincing lookalikes and soundalikes on the market and as long as Keating remains popular, Nolan should be
laughing all the way to the bank."
Mark Ritchie - The Stage